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FirePHP with FireBug

Last Couple of months I was using Firebugs ad-dons of Fire Fox.  It helped me lot to debug my css. It’s simply great help for me. Today I came to know about new ad-dons FirePHP which can be used with FireBug. You can debug your php code in your browser. It sounds cool. You don’t have to use print_r or var_dump to debug your php code and massed up your site by dumping your array.

It’s great to use it like same as firebug. Hope it will be useful for php programmers.

To use FirePHP you need the following thigs

After installing those three you should download the FirePHPCore from http://www.firephp.org/HQ/Install.htm.


Let’s assume your document root is /www/ and it is in your PHP include path.

Step 1 Locate the server library

Locate the /lib/FirePHPCore folder in the FirePHPCore archive and move it into your document root.


You can skip this step if you are using PEAR. Make sure the PEAR repository is in your include path.

Step 2 Include the server library

Create a file at /www/Index.php and open it in your editor.


Step 3 Start output buffering


Now That’s it. It’s now time to play. Your first Log Message

$firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true);
$var = array('i'=>10, 'j'=>20);
$firephp->log($var, 'Iterators');

FirePHP Official Site:  http://www.firephp.org

The Site I got the information: http://sixrevisions.com/web-development/how-to-debug-php-using-firefox-with-firephp/

Last couple of days I was using FCKEditor. And i found it really good. Client likes it.  I also become fan of it.
Recently I came to know that there is new version of FCKEditor. Which is called CKEditor 3.0. This is new
of FCKEditor. It is faster and much easy to use. FCKEditor in PHP you have to include PHP codes. But CKEdiotr
you just have to include a js file in header that’s it. You can use it to any text area. It has lots of new features
and really faster than the FCKEditor. Hope I will go for CKEditor for next days until there is something new.
Really loved it’s UI and flexibility.

The officicial site of CKEditor.

CKEditor 3.0

CKEditor 3.0

There is another release of File Manager Which is called CKFinder



Hi Everyone. After long time again back to my blog. Long time didn’t post anything in my blog. Feeling again have to restart it.
Lot’s of thing happend in this last days of my life. Let’s try to share some incident and co-incident of my life…:)

1. Left TAMM my on 5th March 2009. Feel really bad when I was leaving. Because
that was my first company. They guys and my team was really good. Realy missed you guys. Take Care. Hope
we will meet one day again.

2. Joined Glue Tube on 7th March 2009.  And enjoying the environment and the guys really good. Got some friends and feeling
better. Became like family member.

3. Planning to go for retirement after 2025….:) No more web application development. May be will spend rest of life with kids and
real social work. I love kids too much because for some unknown reason any child likes me. Even if I hurt them. hahahahaha. So will
spend time with them.

4. Missing my country too much. My all friends. Really missed the hostel life. Now understanding the meaning of student life.
That life simply awesome…:) Missed u all my friends.

5. Day by day become addicted with Jeddah. Getting new friends and the work environment. Enjoying the work. Really thanks to Allah to
give me support always in every step of my life. He is my best friend…;)

6. Dreaming to buy a RAV4 and also a mac book pro.

7. Don’t want Windows anymore. Want to use Open Source products. Trying Ubuntu. Hope this will divert me from windows….:)

Can’t remember anything else… For now that’s all. Will try to share something always.. bye for now…;)

We had a great competition on 15th July 2009 after work in office…hehehe.. It was really great fun. You will find it rare outside having this type
of competition. Check out some pics down and to watch more my flickr . We have to grab our wheel office chair. Who will go first will become the winner. Hehehe…what a game…:)But we enjoyed. Hope we will arrange this type of crazy stuff more. Hope this will increase our productivity.

From long time it was my dream to buy a digital camera. Finally Alhamdulillah I manage to buy a digital camera. Which was cost in BDT 30,000 TK. It’s really Amazing. 14.7 MP and 3.7X Zoom. One of my dream come true.



Who Moved My Cheese?

I just read a book today.“Who Moved My Cheese?”-by Spencer Jhonson. This book is really great. I am sure it will change your life and make you adopt with change. Just go through the book it will not take more than 1 and half hour. But this book may be change lot in your whole life. Just let me know what do you think which one is your character in the book. I just give a brief about the book taken from the book.


Parts of All of Us


The Simple and The Complex

The four imaginary characters

depicted in this story —

the mice: “Sniff” and “Scurry;’ and

the Little people: “Hem” and “Haw” —

are intended to represent the simple and

the complex parts of ourselves, regardless of

our age, gender, race or nationality.

Sometimes we may act like


Who sniffs out change early, or


Who scurries into action, or


Who denies and resists change as he fears

it will lead to something worse, or


Who learns to adapt in time when he sees

changing can lead to something





Whatever parts of us we choose to use,

we all share something in common:

a need to find our way in the Maze

and succeed in changing times.




Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? is the story of four characters living in a “Maze” who face unexpected change when they discover their “Cheese” has disappeared. Sniff and Scurry, who are mice, and Hem and Haw, little people the size of mice, each adapt to change in their “Maze” differently. In fact, one doesn’t adapt at all…

This timeless allegory reveals profound truths to individuals and organizations dealing with change. We each live in a “Maze”, a metaphor for the companies or organizations we work with, the communities we live in, the families we love places where we look for the things we want in life, “Cheese”. It may be an enjoyable career, loving relationships, wealth, or spiritual peace of mind. With time and experience, one character eventually succeeds and even prospers from the change in his “Maze”.In an effort to share what he has learned along the way, he records his personal discoveries on the maze walls, the “Handwriting on the Wall”. Likewise, when we begin to see the “writing on the wall”, we discover the simplicity and necessity of adapting to change.

Download Link